ACTION: Tell Governor Douglas that Separate Isn’t Equal

Today Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced that he will veto a gay marriage bill if it passes the Legislature.   He calls it a personal decision.  We call it hateful.   Stand up and speak out.  Call his office today at (802) 828-3333 and tell him that asserting that separate is equal is not a personal decision.  It’s bigotry. 

 The marriage equality bill passed in the Senate today and is now in Vermont’s House Judiciary Committee.  It is expected to come to a vote in the House next week.  It is expected to pass in the House as well.

Douglas said:

“I believe our civil union law serves Vermont well …” Douglas told a gathering of reporters and onlookers at a hastily called news conference in the Pavilion Building. “I believe that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. … I’m announcing that I intend to veto this legislation when it reaches my desk.”

via ‘I intend to veto’ gay marriage | | The Burlington Free Press.

In his statement he said that the decision of whether to support same-sex marriage is “a deeply personal matter.” 

WRONG.  We’re not talking about some ineffable question of when life begins.  We’re not even talking about religion.  We’re talking about civil rights and whether it’s okay for a governor in 2009 to assert that separate is equal.    It’s not.  And it’s time politicians get it into their heads that no amount of euphamism is going to make biggotry acceptable. 

Show your power! 

1.  Beginning Thursday, start calling Governor Jim Douglas at (802) 828-3333.  Tell whoever answers the phone that separate is not equal, that Governor Douglas’s position perpetuate’s anti-gay bigotry, and that you want him to treat LGBT people with dignity by signing Vermont’s marriage law.  He only has one assistant so it should be pretty easy to shut down his office.

2.  After you call, leave a comment on the website of his local paper (click here to post) telling them what you’ve done to excercise your power.

3.  Share this action with everyone you know.


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