Demonstration Today: Day of Decision – IA & VT


Today is a historic day for marriage equality and LGBT rights and we need to make our voices heard.


Today, the Iowa Supreme Court held unanimously that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. 


Yesterday, the Vermont House of Representatives passed marriage equality legislation by a vote of 95-52 in spite of a veto threat by Governor Jim Douglas.  In order to override the veto, 98 a votes are needed.  Republicans and Democrats alike voted against marriage equality, so we MUST make those legislators aware that the whole world is watching so that they will vote for equality after the veto.  They must hear us to know that there are consequences for voting against the side of justice.  To see a complete roll call, click here.


Join The Power and Civil Rights Front at 6:30 p.m. in Union Square, NYC for a demonstration of unity and power.  Invite all your friends and make your voices heard.


Don’t let the National Organization for Marriage drown us out.  They are working very hard to defeat us.


Call Governor Jim Douglas now to tell him not to veto the marriage legislation.  802-828-3333.  Click here to read his justification.


Stand up and speak out today.  Because you are The Power.  And NOW is our time.

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