POWER ACTION: Act to Overturn the Vermont Veto NOW

To win full marriage equality in Vermont we must push Democrats who voted against the marriage bill to vote with their party and override Republican Governor Jim Douglas’s veto.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas is expected to follow through on his threat to veto gay marriage legislation tonight. The Vermont House of Representatives could vote on whether to overturn the veto as early as Tuesday. The legislation passed the House on Thursday with a vote of 95-52. In order to guaranty that we will overturn the veto, we need 100 votes. Don’t wait until after the vote to get angry. Act now to ensure we win!

TEN Democrats voted against marriage last Thursday. Three are expected to vote to override a veto as a show of party unity. We need two more. We must act today!

So if you do nothing else today, join us in calling these two Democrats to tell them to do the right thing and support the Democratic caucus in overturning the veto:

browningRep Cynthia Browning-Democrat
Home Office: 802-375-9019 (call here first)
Capitol Switchboard: 802-828-2231

Email: cynthiab@sover.net (call first, it’s easier to ignore email)

Browning has been under extraordinary pressure from her colleagues, but has yet to move. The Burlington Banner reported: “Browning said her vote had nothing to do with religion, but rather the fundamental purpose of marriage. “It’s not based on religion. It’s actually based on a view of how our society works … on an anthropological basis,” she said. [emphasis added]

tim-corcoranRep. Tim Corcoran-Democrat
Home Office: 802-447-0929 (call here first)
Capitol Switchboard: 802-828-2231

The Banner also reported: ” Rep. Timothy Corcoran II, a Bennington Democrat, also voted against the bill. He called the decision the most difficult of his seven years in Montpelier. “It came down to what my belief of what marriage is, and that is between a man and a woman,” he said. “I just couldn’t get over that at the end of the day.”

“I’m going to have to live with it,” Corcoran added. “No matter how I voted it was going to upset a lot of people. It’s unfortunate, but that’s my job, and ultimately I will be held accountable.” ”

And in fact he will.

If you want to see marriage in Vermont, YOU MUST come out to these legislators (you can also come out as a straight person who has LGBT loved ones you care deeply about). Tell your own personal stories AND THEN tell them that their actions affect you and your loved ones and that they must vote with the Vermont Democratic Party to override Gov. Douglas’s veto.



After you call (and tell your friends after they call), respond to this poll so we can keep track of how many people are calling:

And whatever happens, commit to supporting primary challenges against any Democrat who does not support an override of the veto.


For a complete list of Democrats who voted against marriage click here. Answer the poll each time you call any of them.

19 Responses to “POWER ACTION: Act to Overturn the Vermont Veto NOW”

  1. Doug Kampsen Says:

    Please do the right thing – all families deserve to love. Legalize gay marriage.

    Thank you

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  3. jeffbhall Says:

    I for one don’t want to wake up on Wednesday morning and regret NOT making these calls. To know that I have the power to bring equality and not to act would be irresponsible.

    We have already demonstrated that when we are united in our actions we have The Power to influence and cause real significant change… Just ask Sen. Ruben Diaz from the NY state Senate.

  4. Heather Says:

    Let’s keep Vermont moving forward!!!!

  5. I think this is great, but I can tell you from working for a former state representative, if you don’t live in their district, let alone their state, most of them really don’t care what you have to say. We kept two separate folders for each issue, one with constituents and one that weren’t. The ones that weren’t were either forwarded to the representative that was their constituent or ignored. Its a valiant effort, but really should be targeted to those who live in Vermont.

  6. we’re not making the choice to make gat marriage legal now, this is the time for everyone to choose to have the option to choose..
    so vote on gay marriage!

  7. I called both. A disgruntled woman answered for Ms. Browning, cut me off, and took my name and state (Wisconsin). I left a message for Mr. Corcoran on what sounded like his home answering machine, talking about equal rights and the privileges and benefits denied to those not allowed to marry. Now I cross my fingers and wait.

  8. Tom Formisano Says:

    Are you watching the news? Are you seeing the heartbreak of American’s who love each other? Are you seeing the lgbtq youth killing themselves, or being beaten up? Look into the future at your own children, or theirs, and they come out and fall in love with someone of their own sex. Are you going to deny them? It is not our place to judge. The only one who counts in all this is God and He loves everyone unconditionally. It is MAN who puts the conditions on people.

    Seriously, please reconsider, many lives are depending on your decision. Just think how easily you will sleep knowing you made someone happy, and someone proud who they are and will not pick up the gun to shoot themselves.

  9. Caryn Fisher Says:

    pass gay marriage NOW,

    repeal Prop 8

  10. Don Davis Says:

    Key moments in history are defined by those leaders who had the clarity and understanding to do the right thing regardless of external pressures.

    I’m a Unitarian Universalist. My religion recognizes my relationship and allows me to be married, but the State prevents that from happening.

    Those two statements say everything I think one needs to know to understand that the right thing to do is to support total marriage equality.

  11. There is a problem in this country when we go by a majority that say’s that discrimination against the LGBT community you cannot get married because we say so. The equal protection clause of the 5th Admendment is suppose to be for All US Citizens however there are still some that say No No not this time. Discrimination against one group of people is discrimination against all.

  12. Here is what I wrote to these Representatives:

    Representative Browning,

    It is my understanding that you voted against gay marriage in VT on this basis: “It’s not based on religion. It’s actually based on a view of how our society works … on an anthropological basis,” she said.”

    Frankly this confuses me since marriage is a man-made societal construct and we can, therefore, define it in any way we choose. Our society works in the way we WANT it to work, but statements like yours seem to indicate that we are powerless. In fact, you and those who agree with you on this issue are perpetuating the idea of marriage that keeps the definition so limited and keeps loving relationships from being maintained in this country. Unless you are homophobic, there is absolutely no reason to vote against gay marriage.

    Remember that YOUR VOTE is one that will make history. If you vote against gay marriage, you will be remembered as a bigot and a hater. Like those before you who voted against women’s right to vote, interracial marriage, segregation, like Anita Bryant whose ridiculous ideas about homosexuality are embarrassing to review, you will be remember for your shame, not your vision.

    Thomas Gualtieri

  13. I feel everyone should support same-sex marriage and here’s why:
    1) same sex marriage has been legal in many countries (canada, belgium, spain, norway, to name but a few) since 1991.
    2) same sex marriage has been legal, more recently, in some U.S. states.
    Has any of this had a negative effect, or ANY effect whatsoever, on you personally, or on anyone you know? I would venture a guess of No.
    i don’t see how denying someone their rights is the right of others.

  14. Gale McCarron Says:

    Please give equality to all. It’s a human right.

  15. Love is love. Enough said. We deserve the same rights as everyone else.

  16. tina andres Says:

    It should be fairly obvious by now that NOT doing this amounts to discrimination of full fledged, voting, tax paying citizens. Be a part of the future, not a part of the perpetuation of discrimination which is very soon to be a part of our past.

  17. If one person can have something then no-one else should be denied that one thing. Well THAT is equality isn’t it?

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