The NOMbies Are Coming – Thriller Cast Finds New Life Peddling Hate


Last week we told you to be on the lookout for Maggie Gallagher and her merry band of bigots at the National Organization against gays for Marriage.  Well they aren’t so merry anymore.  With gay marriage becoming the law of the land in Vermont and Iowa, and with Washington, D.C. deciding to recognize gay marriages from other states, all in the space of five days, the NOM decided to revamp its website into an übersite, and to put out an ad campaign in which they pull off their skin to reveal they are, in fact, the cast of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  

The audtition tapes showed up on YouTube allegedly thanks to HRC, but alas, NOM made a copyright claim, causing YouTube to pull the videos.  Apparently NOM doesn’t want us to know that these are actors, not true believers.  YouTube would be well advised to consider the posting of the videos to be a fair use.  After all, there is no commercial purpose in posting the videos.  They were posted for a purely political purpose, that being to discredit an advertisement designed to influence legislation. 

To ask YouTube to repost the audition tapes, email  and ask them to reinstate URLS and

To ask flag NOM’s ad as spreading hate, click the “Flag” link under the video.

And if you know who these godawful actors (read: prostitutes) are, post their names and contact information in the comments.  

damon-owens-portraitHere’s a freebie to get you started.  The black guy at the end of the video who says we are, “A rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color are coming together in hate love to protect marriage,” is not Michael Jackson, but Damon Clarke Owens, purportedly a member of the board of NOM.  According to his bio on the website of the National Black Catholic Congress:

Damon Clarke Owens lives in West Orange, NJ with his wife Melanie and their five daughters. He is the Director of Natural Family Planning for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ and the founder of New Jersey Natural Family Planning (www.njnfp.orgg). He speaks nationally on marriage, chastity, Theology of the Body, and Theology of the Family. He can be reached at

According to Google he’s in the phone book.  

The ads will begin running in New Jersey and New York, where marriage legislation is expected to be introduced shortly.  If you see them, call the station and complain.

Sign the petition to amend the Civil Rights Act to include LGBT people.

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7 Responses to “The NOMbies Are Coming – Thriller Cast Finds New Life Peddling Hate”

  1. Candice Baker Leit Says:

    Something that should give all Americans pause about Mr. Owens of the National Organization for Marriage is this nugget from the organization that he founded. New Jersey Natural Family Planning’s website describes the organization’s goal to develop a new parallel healthcare system:

    “These centers will operate procedurally similar to a standard medical practice with respect to billing, insurance, and range of women’s care, but will not recommend or prescribe contraceptives, refer or provide abortions or abortifacients, or embrace any artificial reproductive technologies (ART). ”

    Clearly, NJNFP is free to develop its own clinics.

    But, what is obvious to me is that NJNFP in an ideal world would impose their ideas about family planning (no contraceptives, no IUDS, no in vitro fertility treatments, no abortion) upon the rest of America. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, creed or sex, the vast majority of Americans rely upon one or more of these reproductive health care services during the course of their lives in order to make mature decisions for themselves and their families. From my perspective, intimate decisions about one’s personal health and family are best left to the individuals involved. With enough publicity shed on this reactionary organization, people in New Jersey and New York can understand that NOM does NOT support marriage as they know it.

  2. Whenever I see the word “Archdiocese”, I just think of the Catholic Church trying to take the focus off their support for child rapists.

  3. Tom Keane Says:

    I love the idea of the “ART” of artificial reproductive technologies. I’m a big ART fan!

  4. Rick Wellington Says:

    Wow, fear mongering at it’s finest. Well, I say, let’s out fear monger the fear mongerers. Liberals are not good at fear mongering but I think we have to practice. When I look at the rainbow coalition of bigots, I am afraid.

    That blonde chick that starts the video, I am sure she would like to deny marriage to anyone who has been divorced. That dorky white guy, I bet he wants to take children away from unwed parents. The black librarian with the glasses wants your kids to be put on the sex offender registry for sexting. The next guy, wants anyone who has cohabitated before getting married to have their marriage annulled and their children placed into good homes. The old guy wants anyone who has had an abortion to be placed on a public web site. The skinny white girl wants anyone who has ever viewed online porn to be denied a government job. That Massachusetts mom would love to allow random wire taps and digital surveillance of all public school teachers so she could decide who keeps their jobs and who is unfit to teach. I think you get the picture.

    Does anyone believe that if this group gets their way, they will stop at denying rights for gays? They will move onto the next group and impose their judgmental standards on them. So, the video is right. There is storm brewing and you should be afraid. Everyone should be afraid.

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  7. Rich, NYC Says:

    I wish these NOM people could really see how closely they resemble the Taliban.

    All I want is the same rights my divorced sister had when she got married for a second time. Or those rights celebrated by Britney Spears in Las Vegas for 55 hours.

    They do not have an honest argument on which they base their hatred.

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