Who Are These People?????

Last week we told you  that YouTube was ignoring fair use rules when it yanked the Gathering Storm audtion tapes for a claimed copyright violation.  Fortunately, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow still has the original report on her site.

Being gay, we’re big supporters of the arts, and we think these actors deserve their fifteen minutes under the microscope of fame. Let’s help the actors in the National Organization for Marriage “Gathering Storm” commercial by finding out their names (their email addresses and phone numbers would be nice too). So if you know these people, help make them famous by posting their names in the comments. Skip through the clip to two minutes and eight seconds to see the audition tapes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One Response to “Who Are These People?????”

  1. john-fredrick Says:

    The ad is disgusting, but in a way i feel a bit sorry for those who auditioned- maybe the agents didn’t tell them, and they got the sides right before going on tape. Agents may have even said “you’re going for a psa.” To call and e-mail the actors that (only) auditioned is a waste of calls and e-mails; as they are not in power, probably have no money, and are most likely not behind the whole thing. It is a totally disgusting enterprise to be sure, but perhaps our anger would be more productively expressed at the putrid people behind the whole thing. (disclosure: I’m an activist, an actor, and I intern at a talent agency in Manhattan- if I see these actors in person, I shall be most snooty…)

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