Note to NOM: Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

Sign the petition to amend the Civil Rights Act to include LGBT people.

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One Response to “Note to NOM: Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom”

  1. Rick Wellington Says:

    My challenge to the millions of good Christians out there, is to stop sitting idly by and allowing these christian political activist to distort and twist the image of Christianity. When these activist christians blatantly tell lies, it shames every Christian everywhere. Where is the outcry from Christians defending their religion? Do these activist christians think that God does not know the truth? Do they think that God needs them to cheat and lie on his behalf? Sounds like these people have no faith in God at all. Are they even Christians? Or are they just some bigot pushing a political agenda and hiding behind the cross? Take a moment to think of how many people you push away from Christ by being a lying judgmental hypocrite.

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