Why We Fight

glsen_articlesimage_large2400w200hnormOn Tuesday of last week, when we were reveling in reports that Vermont had enacted same-sex marriage, that Washington D.C. had voted to recognize out-of-district same-sex marriages, and that Governor Patterson of New York said he would introduce same-sex marriage legislation, Sirdeaner L. Walker of Springfield, Massachusetts (where gay marriage is legal), was morning the death of her 11 year-old son, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover.  Carl killed himself the day before because bullies constantly called him gay.

As we make swift advances for gay rights that we never thought possible, it’s easy to relax and assume that with Democrats in control of Congress, the White House, a majority of state legislatures, and a majority of governorships, that our struggle is all downhill from here and that we can leave the fight up to lobbyists and well-financed organizations.   But can we call ourselves successful as a movement as long as this is happening?  The attitudes that have kept us from having equal rights are the same attitudes which condition young children to bully others with words like, “gay” and “fag.”  While network news may chalk it up to routine bullying, we have to stand up and say this is learned behavior and it’s not acceptable.

Friday GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network), will sponsor the 13th National Day of Silence, during which students at 8,000 educational institutions and their supporters will take some vow of silence during the day to bring attention to anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) name-calling, bullying and harassment.  Edge Publications reports that anti-gay groups are advising parents to keep their children home to avoid being exposed to the peaceful protest.

While so much attention is being given to the adult issue of marriage, we must stand up and fight for the youth as well.

If you live in New York, call your state senator (click here to find out who they are) to tell them the importance of supporting the Dignity for All Students Act.  It has passed the Assembly every year for the last seven years.  Let’s make sure it becomes law.  For children like Carl.

Sign the petition to amend the Civil Rights Act to include LGBT people.

Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/pages/The-Power/73711392696?ref=ts


5 Responses to “Why We Fight”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Sexual orientation is a matter of personal choice, same-sex couples should get equal rights and benefits for they contribute as much as the hetrosexual people do to the society.

  2. While I don’t “choose” to be gay. I do choose not to suppress my feelings and true self; so in that sense, my sexual orientation is a choice. But regardless of our predispositions, orientations, or choices, we should all be looking out for young people struggling with theirs.

  3. I blame hate crimes committed against LGBTs on certain right-wing & “church” leaders who spread deceitful anti-gay propaganda nationwide. Such anti-gay propaganda has been incessant for decades, but it seems to have picked up with the progress GLBTs have made on gay marriage. Let those leaders who run these anti-gay campaigns bear responsibility for the effects their campaigns have in generating bullying & violence against GLBTs–and in generating the despair that leads to LGBT suicides.

    While many religions, clergy & congregants do support GLBT rights, some religions, like the Mormon Church, recently used hate & bias to attempt to ban gay marriage in CA. Honest people of faith should know that what certain churches & right-wing orgs did on Prop 8, and continue to do in other places, is not Christian, ethical, or moral. Rather, it is a despicable display of discrimination & hate mongering against GLBTs.

    The incessant propaganda campaigns across the country against GLBTs deny them their status as equal members of the human quilt of diversity that is part of God’s creation. Surprisingly, many church & right-wing leaders speak out against gay rights, including anti-hate-crime laws & gay marriage, but they are largely silent on the subjects of bullying, psychological torture, and physical harm against GLBTs.

    Which are the greater sins against God’s commandments: expressions of love between two gay people and their families — or inducement of hatred, violence, and psychological abuse against GLBTs? Why can’t anti-gay church leaders see the absurdity of their actions and inactions? Why won’t more church members challenge their leaders’ priorities? Many church-going people are obligated to do just that under the principles of their religions, let alone under the principles of general human rights and morality.

  4. […] attention to anti LGBT bulling in our schools. Today would also have been the 12th birthday of Carl Walker Hoover. Carl was bullied and called “gay” in school. Even though his mother pleaded with Carl’s […]

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