The Power Online Visits Sen Onorato’s District Office – Part 1

There’s a new Ruben Diaz, Sr. in town, and his name is George Onorato.  He’s another New York Democratic Senator who has declared his opposition to gay marriage even though he represents a very gay district.  It seems that members of The Power from NY State Senator George Onorato’s district who asked for a meeting were told they needed to travel to Albany to talk to him. The Power doesn’t play that game. You represent us.  You meet with us.  You explain your positions to us.  You do not rule by fiat.  You rule by the will of the people.

We made the first of many visits to Onorato’s district office in Long Island City Queens where we were encountered by an office manager who refused to provide an answer for the Senator’s position.

Starting today, if you live in Astoria, Woodside, or Long Island City and have a friend with a camera that shoots video,

  1. Please visit Senator Onorato’s district office and urge his staff to tell him to vote for same sex marriage. 
  2. And when they say he won’t, document their reasons, and do press for a reason. 
  3. As a constituent demand to know why your elected representative is opposing civil rights. 
  4. And then post it in the comments here so we can share it with the entire country.

Visit Sen Onorato’s district office at:
28-11 Astoria Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11102
(between 28th and 29th St)

Call Sen George Onorato today and EVERY DAY and demand he support same sex marriage in New York now.
district office: 718-545-9706

Now is our time.

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7 Responses to “The Power Online Visits Sen Onorato’s District Office – Part 1”

  1. jeffbhall Says:

    I just called and spoke to his office manager. She told me, “The Senator will not discuss marriage equality with any of his constituents, he has already made up his mind”.

    What kind of Senator refuses to discuss pending legislation with their constituency, especially when it has a direct effect on their civil liberties?

    KEEP CALLING until he becomes engaged and don’t stop until he votes to support marriage equality for his constituents!

  2. Melissa S Says:

    Thanks John,

    i will be at “gay lobby day” on Tuesday. I have also asked a member of Joe Crowley’s staff to speak with the Senator.

  3. Yup! I just called…..he refuses to support it. His secretary said “You have that right [not to vote for him].”


    • jeffbhall Says:

      I heard that Onorato wouldn’t even see or speak to any of his constituents who showed up to speak to him on Tuesday, can anyone confirm if this is true?

  4. Gregory Says:

    I called last week to the Albany office and the clerk said that he was going to have a meeting and that she’d call me back with the date/time. She hasn’t, of course.

  5. Gregory Says:

    just called again today and spoke to Kay…he still refused to sit down with us.

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