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Quinn: Make The Lie of The Law Go Away

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New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the first woman and first openly gay person to hold that office, emotionally spoke at a press conference today at which Governor David Patterson re-introduced gay marriage legislation.


If I thought back in my life beyond my wildest dreams that I would stand a press conference next to the governor of my state next to the mayor of my city, and have both of those individuals pledge their full support for me and my family, to pledge publically in front of the state, this has to happen, that the laws have to  change to make LGBT families fully recognized, something that not long ago was less than a dream.  It seemed so impossible.  We now have the governor of our state not saying “I’m for this,” which would be great, but saying, “I am going to make this happen and I am going to make it happen soon.”

New York is a state that was built and blazed on the idea that people should have equality and be treated the same.  So that minority of people who have become too vocal and too listenened too, their’s a simple question:  Look me in the eye and tell me that Kim and I aren’t a family.  That we don’t struggle every day.  That we don’t pay taxes.  That we don’t work every day for this city.  No one can look me or her in the eye and tell us that because that is not true.  And today begins the step forward to make the lie of the law in New York State go away and make the lie of the marriage law in our city evaporate and to make our laws ones that are truthful that recognize every family as equal and affirm the love and commitment and struggle that unites all of our families.

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