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Log Cabin: GOP Says NY Sens. Can Vote For Gay Marriage

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The Log Cabin Republicans announced on Tuesday in The Advocate that New York State Republicans have been given permission to cast what is being called a “conscience vote” in favor of Gov. David Paterson’s marriage-equality bill.  The Republican State Legislative leadership is telling its caucus in the State Assembly and State Senate that the Republican Party will take no official position and are taking a neutral stand on the issue of marriage equality.  In essence the Republican Party is now more progressive on gay marriage than the Obama White House, which has stated it’s opposition to gay marriage.

Jeff Cook, who is the legislative adviser for the Log Cabin Republicans explained why this is such a significant decision.  Quoting from The Advocate article,

“…the decision stood in stark contrast to the tack taken in 2007, when assembly minority leader Jim Tedisco and the GOP leadership pressured assembly Republicans to vote against marriage equality.

“We were successful in that environment in getting four Republicans to vote yes, making it the first bipartisan vote on marriage in a legislative chamber,” Cook said. “But we would have probably done better if there was a ‘vote of conscience.'”

Cook called it “significant” that “the center of gravity in both parties has shifted on this issue to where Republicans now feel like their conference needs to be neutral and Democrats feel their conference needs to be emphatic in support.”

The article goes on to point out that a Siena poll released on Monday found 53% of the state’s voters want Governor Paterson’s marriage-equality bill passed, while only 39% are opposed to it.

In order to become law, the bill must pass both the State Assembly and the State Senate.  The New York State Assembly is expected to pass the equality bill; but the battle ground remains in the Senate.  While Senate Democrats, lead by Majority Leader Malcom A. Smith, have control of the Senate by a slim margin of 32 – 30, four Democrats are already vowing to vote against equality.  The four Democrats include Senator George Onorato (D-Queens) and Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. (D – Bronx).

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Quinn: Make The Lie of The Law Go Away

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New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the first woman and first openly gay person to hold that office, emotionally spoke at a press conference today at which Governor David Patterson re-introduced gay marriage legislation.


If I thought back in my life beyond my wildest dreams that I would stand a press conference next to the governor of my state next to the mayor of my city, and have both of those individuals pledge their full support for me and my family, to pledge publically in front of the state, this has to happen, that the laws have to  change to make LGBT families fully recognized, something that not long ago was less than a dream.  It seemed so impossible.  We now have the governor of our state not saying “I’m for this,” which would be great, but saying, “I am going to make this happen and I am going to make it happen soon.”

New York is a state that was built and blazed on the idea that people should have equality and be treated the same.  So that minority of people who have become too vocal and too listenened too, their’s a simple question:  Look me in the eye and tell me that Kim and I aren’t a family.  That we don’t struggle every day.  That we don’t pay taxes.  That we don’t work every day for this city.  No one can look me or her in the eye and tell us that because that is not true.  And today begins the step forward to make the lie of the law in New York State go away and make the lie of the marriage law in our city evaporate and to make our laws ones that are truthful that recognize every family as equal and affirm the love and commitment and struggle that unites all of our families.

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N.Y. Gov. Patterson Introduces Gay Marriage Bill

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I am here to speak against those who I think are antagonistic and antithetical, and always have been, not only to to marriage equality but equality for all LGBT citizens, who have stoked the flames of what is an honest difference of opinion or even trepidation in favor of making sure no legislation is passed at all and I will not permit it on my watch.  It’s time to take a stand!

This is an issue of civil rights.  Now, This for me is an issue of families, not just for walking down the aisle in ceremonious celebration, but for the rights of intestacy, for 1300 to 1400 rights that don’t exist unless a couple has civil rights.  You can have civil unions but you won’t have rights.  For me this is a time to fulfill the promise of our founding Constitution which implored us to expand the rights of the Union, and our our founding Constitution has been expanded to include African Americans, the right of women to vote, the right of Americans to get citizenship here in this country.  And we want to extend these rights in those rights to all people.  For too long the gay and lesbian communities have been told their rights and liberties have to wait. 

The time has come to act.  The time has come for leadership.  The time has come to bring marriage equality to New York.

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Urgent – Tell Senator Onorato (D – Queens) to stand up for marriage equality

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We live in exciting times and the march toward equality is moving forward. Four states currently grant gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. New York should be the fifth state – marriage equality passed the State Assembly and Governor Paterson has promised to sign the legislation into law. If the State Senate votes for marriage equality, New Yorkers of all sexual orientation will enjoy the right to marry.

Today, two Astorians and I met with Senator George Onorato, the State Senator who represents us. Senator Onorato made it clear that he opposes marriage equality and that he plans to vote against it in the State Senate. He says that Astoria is a “conservative district” and that most Astorians agree with him that marriage is between a man and a woman. The Senator is standing on the wrong side of history, and he is doing it in our names.  I think the Senator is wrong about our community. If you live in Astoria and you think marriage is a right that should be available to all, please call Senator Onorato’s office at 518-455-3486 and let his staff know how you feel.

If you have more time, write him a letter.  Download sample letters here.

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Action: Tell Obama That Marriage Opponents Follow His Lead. Stop the Obama Defense Now.

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Last  week we asked you to join us in calling Democratic members of the Vermont House of Representatives who had voted against the gay marriage bill to ask them to vote to override the Republican governor’s veto.  When we did, we learned about something rather disturbing.  We’ll call it The Obama Defense.  Time and again, callers reported back to us that Democratic office holders who espoused an opposition to gay marriage and a support of the existing civil union law defended their position by saying it was identical to President Obama’s.  They were right.

This has to stop now.  Contact Brian Bond, the White House  LGBT Liason, and ask him to tell the President that his separate-but-equal campaign position on marriage jeopardizes equality at the state level.  Tell him that when rogue Democrats at the state level oppose marriage using the Obama Defense, he has a duty as party leader to tell them to vote with their caucus for equality.  Tell him that with Democrats threatening to block marriage legislation in New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Hawaii, the only acceptable position is for him to support marriage equality now.   

brian_bondx3901Brian Bond
White House Director of Outreach and LGBT Liason
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1111


A year ago, gay people might have found a separate-but-equal pro-civil union position adequate, but Proposition 8 changed everything.   Proposition 8 banned same-sex marriage, but it did nothing to the existing California law which permits gay people to obtain civil unions.   That said, it completely exposed the animus that underlies such a system.  Our loss forced us to take a close look at the advertising that was used against us, the organizations that opposed us, and the lies, hate, and fear they spread there and that they are are now spreading throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic States.  In other words, we learned that separate is not equal. 

President Obama thinks that whether to recognize same-sex relationships is to be determined by the states and that his only responsibility in the matter is to make sure that recognized relationships get federal benefits. 

Unfortunately we have seen that his unwillingness to use the bully pulpit of the presidency to speak out for equality exposes us to greater lies and indignities.   As President, he has a duty to make sure that LGBT people are able to live with the same dignity and community respect as all other people.

The Windy City Times reported that when President Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate in 1996, he was unequivocally for same-sex marriage

President-elect Obama’s answer to a 1996 Outlines newspaper question on marriage was: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” There was no use of the phrase “civil unions”. [ Outlines purchased Windy City Times in 2000 and merged companies. ]

Now is the time for President Obama to return to that position, to lead the Democratic Party and the country as the “fierce defender of equality for LGBT people” that he says he always has been.  It is time for him to be a leader who provides no defenses for legislators who support separate-but-equal positions.

It is time for us to tell him that NOW IS OUR TIME.


Brian Bond
White House LGBT Liason
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1111

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The NOMbies Are Coming – Thriller Cast Finds New Life Peddling Hate

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Last week we told you to be on the lookout for Maggie Gallagher and her merry band of bigots at the National Organization against gays for Marriage.  Well they aren’t so merry anymore.  With gay marriage becoming the law of the land in Vermont and Iowa, and with Washington, D.C. deciding to recognize gay marriages from other states, all in the space of five days, the NOM decided to revamp its website into an übersite, and to put out an ad campaign in which they pull off their skin to reveal they are, in fact, the cast of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  

The audtition tapes showed up on YouTube allegedly thanks to HRC, but alas, NOM made a copyright claim, causing YouTube to pull the videos.  Apparently NOM doesn’t want us to know that these are actors, not true believers.  YouTube would be well advised to consider the posting of the videos to be a fair use.  After all, there is no commercial purpose in posting the videos.  They were posted for a purely political purpose, that being to discredit an advertisement designed to influence legislation. 

To ask YouTube to repost the audition tapes, email  and ask them to reinstate URLS and

To ask flag NOM’s ad as spreading hate, click the “Flag” link under the video.

And if you know who these godawful actors (read: prostitutes) are, post their names and contact information in the comments.  

damon-owens-portraitHere’s a freebie to get you started.  The black guy at the end of the video who says we are, “A rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color are coming together in hate love to protect marriage,” is not Michael Jackson, but Damon Clarke Owens, purportedly a member of the board of NOM.  According to his bio on the website of the National Black Catholic Congress:

Damon Clarke Owens lives in West Orange, NJ with his wife Melanie and their five daughters. He is the Director of Natural Family Planning for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ and the founder of New Jersey Natural Family Planning (www.njnfp.orgg). He speaks nationally on marriage, chastity, Theology of the Body, and Theology of the Family. He can be reached at

According to Google he’s in the phone book.  

The ads will begin running in New Jersey and New York, where marriage legislation is expected to be introduced shortly.  If you see them, call the station and complain.

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The National Organization for Marriage now has a Facebook page

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The previously covered equality bigots “National Organization for Marriage” launched their “Religious Liberty Ad Campaign” today.  Along with a charming and uplifting video that looks like a really bad version of  “The Dawn of the Dead” they have also included a link to their Facebook page.

I logged on to Facebook, searched and found the page, became a “fan” and then posted a comment on their wall.  The comment stayed on the wall for a few seconds and then was immediately deleted.  I did notice however that they either aren’t monitoring or don’t have the ability to edit the comments to their own postings.

The majority of the comments to their posts are very clearly anti-NOM.  I would like you to go to their Facebook group right now,  join the group and leave your comments.  Tell them what you think of the newest hate group on Facebook.

UPDATE:  Since I joined this group I received a “friend request” from one of the NOMbies, Robert Williams Jr.  His profile says the following,  “Hello! I’m an Air Force Brat, my dad retired as a MSgt on Active Duty in Munitiions Maintenance 25 years. I currently work at the Vermont Air Guard as a State Employee and enjoy my job alot. I like meeting new people. : )”

Spelling errors aside, he does however live up to his claim of  “I like meeting new people”; although he is listed as single, he has over 2,445 friends on Facebook.

Friend Request

His note to me read, “Hi, I support marriage between a man and a woman and am in the group you are in.  I am so unhappy that the bill was approved in Vermont.  I live here…! LOL.”

After you join the group I bet you will get the chance to be one of NOMbie Robert’s  2,445 friends too.